Thoughts from the Top

Shocked, relieved, and accomplished are just a few of the words that come to mind when I reminisce on this past weekend. First and foremost, On behalf of the entire WSEM gang, I would like to thank Chris Gallaway and the Host Committee for all of their hard work leading up to this spectacular congregation of wiffle ball! As always, I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend!

Next, I am absolutely thrilled to have won the NWLA Tournament! This team worked hard preparing for this tournament and I couldn’t think of a better parting gift for Carl Coffee in his final year as WSEM Commissioner. Building on that, I am absolutely grateful to have been selected by Carl to lead this team and elevate WSEM to one of the elite wiffle ball leagues in the country! Ever since I joined this league four years ago, I knew it was something special and last weekend proved it! Another congratulations goes out to Stephen Farkas! Congrats on winning the NWLA MVP – you join an elite class of Wiffle-ballers such as Ryan Bush and Chris Harley! I am very proud of this league and organization for their support of this team – and I hope that they will allow me to return as manager in 2015.

Next up, I would like to extend my deepest apologies to all of those who were offended by the podcast in any way or form (Huntington Wiffle ball league)! Every year we get to meet some new people and I have to say, this years cast and crew was the best yet! The HRL and HWL crew’s were a riot as always! Carl made new #friends in Drew McClanahan, Jeremy Ray, and Brian Ball and our league FINALLY beat Tampa bay improving to 1-5 all time versus the Floridians! It feels like a relief to be on top of this tournament for the next calendar year! As we were celebrating that was the emotion both Carl and myself were feeling the most – even more so than joy. It was a relief to feel like we finally made a name for WSEM and I’m very honored to be a part of that!

Overall, It was a great weekend! I miss everyone all ready and I’m already excited to start talking about next year’s tournament! I can’t thank Commissioner Gallaway enough for all he has done and Carl for allowing me to manage the Dads! Now, I can finally sleep right for a year straight knowing that Chris Harley didn’t hit a grand slam against us, we beat up on the PWL (as usual) and that we are the champions! I can’t wait till next year!

P.S The trophy looks awfully pretty on my mantle!

I wish everyone the best of health and luck in their endeavors for the next year!

Until then, carpe diem!


Alex Shore

Easy Like Sunday Morning

After going 2-1-1 in pool play versus Tampa Bay, Cincinnati, Hudson Valley and OCWA, and a nerve racking seeding draw, we FINALLY avoided Tampa bay in the first or second round and even in the third round! In game one of double elimination, we beat the power hitting Washburn Wiffle ball League and in game two of double elimination Farkas dominated the Potomac Wiffle ball league in his NWLA debut! We have a shot at HRL for the first time in league history tomorrow in the winners bracket semi-finals! A win there could finally put us in solid position to take this tournament! I wish this game were at a more informal setting with copious amounts of alcohol, but I guess the NWLA tournament will suffice. Also, congrats to PWL for completing their second major upset in two years knocking the highly favorite OCWA squad out of the winners bracket! I guess those “overatted?” shirts might have to be remade without the question mark attached to it! (Disclaimer: That was a joke) It’s now becoming evident to me that more and more teams are becoming competitive and that is amazing to see! I eventually hope that this tournament can become sixteen teams who are very hard to power rank because it could be anyone’s game out there! Well, time for dinner and to wash the uniforms for tomorrow – I don’t know if this hotel room smells like a morgue or a skunk died in here!

Continued best of luck to all teams in the tournament!


Alex Shore

An Outlook from an Optimistic Manager at 5am

It is Saturday, July 19th 4:45am. Why am I up this early? Is it Farkas’ several attempts to put his leg over me while I slept? Am I still hungover from the debauchery that ensued (drinking) with the Coffee brothers and Corbett on Thursday night? Is it Bortmas’ and Hatt’s sketchiness from across the room? I think those might be some/none of the reasons why, but I’m going with the fact that the 365-day hiatus from NWLA wiffleball is finally over. The atmosphere at the practice sessions and Friday night festivities was electric last night – even in the rain! It is wet and rainy still, but that isn’t going to stop us from going out and having a blast in one hour. As I type this article, I am also filling out my lineup card for our long anticipated rematch versus CWBC, which is fittingly in the rain, again. Will we ever get to play this “club” in preferable conditions? Maybe not. Farkas is now humming in his sleep – boy this is weird. Sam Hatt made eye contact with me and went back to bed. I have already paced the halls two times this morning and contemplated writing an “Herb Brooks” style speech for when we play Tampa. I guess you can say I’m a little nervous in my first ever stint as a manager. All I can hope for is that everyone is a little bitter after our performance last year and that we build on that for this year’s tournament. Well, looks it’s getting close to wake up time for the guys, I can’t wait to see everyone in a few hours! Best of luck to all teams and Dads!


Alex Shore

End of the Season Twatter Rankings

Coffee Time
by Carl Coffee

1. Whiteford Wicked Aces   (21-7)  
A 21 win team with the best record in the league, I will take it. They will play the play-in winner on Sunday
2. El Diablos   (20-8)  
Another division title for the Fighting Chickens, and another 2 seed. Expect Skinner to shine in the playoffs. #notbold
3. King Friday   (18-10)  
The hottest team in the league will travel to Southgate on Saturday to play el Diablos in a must see Best of 3 Series.
4. Belgian Wiffles   (17-11)  
Belgian had the #3 seed handed to them, but they dropped it. They will go as far as their offense takes them.
5. Flying Squirrels   (15-13)  
It doesn't matter how they did it, but the Squirrels live to see another day. Brandon D'Agnese vs Farkas Part 2.
6. Oakland County Onanism   (14-14)  2
They'll tell you they are disappointed, but I think these guys had a good season. I hope they return next year #funteam
7. Westside Warriors   (14-14)  1
The Warriors franchise is officially dead. Sad ending for Shore and company who preseason looked like a favorite
8. Wolfpack   (9-19)  1
The Wolfpack put up some good offensive numbers but never found any identity of the mound. Should contend next season tho.
9. Holy Balls   (8-20)  1
Did the Balls pull a 1996-97 Spurs and tank on purpose? Not likely. Paq's #1 concern for next year? Find a 2nd pitcher.
10. Islanders   (4-24)  
This was a team who some thought could contend for a wildcard spot this year. Status for 2015: Unknown. #somanyforfeits
What is Pow#R?
The power number rating (Pow#R) is a mathematical formula using a team's weighted wins (wW) -- Σ(# of wins vs. opponent * (1 + opponents wining %)] --, weighted losses (wL) -- Σ(# of losses vs. opponent * (2 - opponents winning %) --, record over the last five (L5) games, and run differential (DIFF) divided by games played (GP). The equation looks like this:    Pow#R = (wW - wL) + (L5) + (DIFF/GP)